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View of House from 'Mount Sion'.

Situated in south-east Surrey on the south facing slope of the north down with views across the river Wey valley to the south downs at Hindhead and the Devils Punchbowl.

Sheltered from the north, by the north down ridge known as the Hogs Back, the prevailing wind is from the south west, this gives the area a drier weather compared to the otherside of the north down behind us where the rain level is higher.

Peper Harow is a beautiful peaceful and tranquil place, this is why it lent itself to early human habitation because of its natural security.

Settled since Saxon times and first recorded in the Doomsday Book, Peper Harow has an interesting and diverse history spanning the centuries and enjoys an outstanding architectural and horticultural heritage.

Today Peper Harow is a Conservation Area in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is a private residential estate, home to over 30 families, and is not open to the public.

We are happy to share this special place with visitors to our website and trust you find it of interest.

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Policy Statement

This Web site is intended to be collection of information about Peper Harow, by the author.
It is not exhausive and any historical information, articles, old photograph's in fact anything relative will be most welcome, and will considered for inclusion.
The information collected here is by its nature certain to have some errors, and corrections or updated information is most welcome.

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The Author has collected this information in good faith from various sources and accepts no responsilbility for errors or claims howsoever caused.
If you have any reasonable objection to any specific mention in this web-site please contact the author to correct or remove the offending passage.

Tim Hepple
January 2004

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Wildlife that inhabits the park, include Muntjack Deer, Rabbits, Grey Squirrels, Swans, Ducks, Snakes, Frogs, and various birds, to name just a few.

The hamlet of Peper Harow is divided into two parts:

To the North of the access road, and from the west cattle grid to the front gate, and the field to the West of the Millenium seat has a managed game syndicate run by the farmer owner Mr Fuller.

To the South of the access road to the river is residential with many small children, this area is considered by some of these owners to be a wildlife sanctury and no tresspassing or hunting is permitted.

Although the parkland is open, it has some unmarked boundaries between its various owners, the residents know where their property boundaries are, and strive to observe them.

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The Residential part of Peper Harow common interests are managed by:

Peper Harow Residents Association Limited.
looks after the sewage treatment works and all pipes connected to it.

Peper Harow House Limited.
looks after the mansion and its grounds.

Park Avenue has its own residents group.

The Farm and farmland is owned and managed by Mr Robert Fuller.

Nearly all other houses and cottages are owner/occupier.

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