Peper Harow Godalming Surrey England GU8 6B#
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The Route: From West to East

Commerative Millenium seat. On Elstead Road on brow of hill, go over style, by footpath sign post.
Follow track across the middle of the field to the
Millenium 2000 commemerative stone seat.(picture)
.......turn left up drive to Shackleford road by Charcoal Lodge. end.
OR.....follow the drive East for the scenic route......
The Tulip gates are next to the seat.
The entrance Gate piers to Park Avenue on the right.
Follow the lane East with letter box on the right.
Past the Farm house on the left.
Past The Cottage on the right.
Past the farmyard with Granery on the left.
Opposite farmyard is a gate to walled garden.
Past The Bothy on the left.
Past St Nicholas Church on the right.
Past the Duck pond on the left.
At footpath sign, fork left off the lane across the field.
Past the Well house on your left.
Follow track up 'Mount Sion' to the wood.
Over the style into the wood.
10 mtrs. into wood,
.......left, North up footpath / bridlepath for Shackleford heath, with Farnham Lodge on the left at the road crossing.
OR.....the bridlepath to Eashing, goes right through gate, then left, follow the path around the edge of the field, through a gate, and over the A3 bridge to Eashing.
OR......over style, and diagonally North East across the field to Norney.