Peper Harow Godalming Surrey England GU8 6B#
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Houses : The Carriage House Laundry Cottage Dairy Cottage Old Cedars Park Av 1950 Park Av 1970 The Cottage The Cottage Barn Eashing Lodge Farnham Lodge Charcoal Lodge

The Carriage House 1762

The Carriage House from South West.

1762 Built by Sir William Chambers
1970's used as Park House School workshops.
The Clock Tower
The Walled Garden
Rose varities bred here.
Mid 1990's Redevloped into 2 Appts.

Faces East
Fully enclosed courtyard
South terrace/flower bed
Clock strikes on the half hour
Weather Fane
Backs onto Church yard

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Laundry Cottage from the North.

Laundry Cottage late 1800's

Laundry Cottage built in the late 1800's.
The house has an interesting Ley Line post erected on the North lawn which has the inscription on 3 sides 'May Peace Prevail On Earth' and on the fourth side an inscription in ?Japanes or Chinese? which may say the same thing.
This Ley Line just happens by chance, to be exactly on our modern metric British National Grid latitude of SU9243/9344, in which direction the Ley Line goes from here is not known at present.
On the parkland is a Cedar of Lebanon with a very large diameter trunk, likely to be one of the original 1735 trees planned by Capability Brown.

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Dairy Cottage from North East.

Dairy Cottage 1700's & 2000

Dairy Cottage built in the 1700's probably at the same time as the farm yard and other buildings built in the same Red brick.
Used by Park House School as a Canoe store, as found scratched on the front door.
Sold in 1995 along with all the other buildings on the estate for redevelopment, plans were drawn up but the project put on hold.
Sold in 1997 to new owner, plans redrawn because of modified boundary, Renovated in 1999 and new extention started in late 1999, shell completed in 2000.
Internal works have progressed and the new extention is now habitable.(12-2003) The 1.5 acre site includes a 33mtr wide and 150mtr long strip of parkland going south to the river Wey, this parkland has some of the original trees from the 1700's and the flower bed is belived to have been originally planted by Gertrude Jekyll.

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Old Cedars from South.

Old Cedars 2000

Old Cedars is a new property built on the site of the Park House School swimming pool.

It enjoys about 4 acres of parkland sweeping down to the river Wey.

The parkland has 2 of the original Cedars of Lebanon that date from 1735 and a large Poplar as well as some other fine trees.

Down by the river is a war time gun emplacement built when the Canadian army officers were billited in the mansion prior to D-Day.

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Park Avenue 1950's

9 Park Avenue, 1950's 9 Park Avenue, Girls in party dress. 9 Park Avenue, garden.

A former Park Avenue resident kindly sent me these pictures of herself and her sister dressed up before going to a party outside their house in Park Avenue.

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Picture of Park Avenue from the West.

Park Avenue 1970's

Park Avenue was originally built as staff houses for the then Park House School and is six semi detached houses of various designs.
Situated with its own drive to the south west of the estate, these houses have mostly been added to and have a garage either attached or seperate.
They all have a rear north facing garden and a open strip of parkland in front sweeping downhill to the south.

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The Cottage from North East.

The Cottage 1600's

The Cottage is an enchanting classical 'Roses over the door' cottage.
This was called the Directors House when the mansion was a school, for obvious reasons.

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The Cottage Barn.

The Cottage Barn

The Cottage Barn.
In the garden is a 'Crinkle Crankle Wall' which is built in a zig-zag fashion presumably for strength.
Walls like this are very rare although there is another on the northern edge of the park next to Farnham Lodge which can be seen from the road.

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Eashing Lodge form the North West.

Eashing Lodge

This lodge guards the front drive off the A3, and is next to the first cattle grid.

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Farnham Lodge.

Farnham Lodge

Farnham Lodge used to guard the north drive to the Peper Harow estate.
This Lodge is on Elstead Road and has good view to the south, it is built of red brick, but has been rendered and painted white.
It has a castle style appearence and a large lunette window.
There is a Crinkel Crankle wall parrallel to the road.

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Charcoal Lodge from the East.

Charcoal Lodge

Charcoal Lodge guards the back drive to the estate.
This Lodge sitts on a little hill and has a superb view to the south, in the far distance are the south downs and hills surrounding 'The Devils Punch Bowl' at Hindhead.

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