Peper Harow Godalming Surrey England GU8 6B#
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Home Farm Farmhouse.


Home Farm consists of a simple, pretty 17th Century farmhouse.
It is tile-hung above a stone ground floor.
Attached to it is an impressive collection of farm buildings,
including a large courtyard of rustic buildings circa 1600 granary.

Yew Hedge outside Farmhouse.

Yew hedge along drive outside the Farmhouse,
An old Francis Frith Postcard cica. 1906-1910.

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Farm Yard

These farm buildings have been converted into offices, in each wing there are different sizes and have fibre optic fast broadband.
Enquiries via there own website :

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Farmyard Cottages.

Farm Yard Cottages

There are three old cottages, originally for the farm workers, in the north east corner of the farm yard.

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Home Farm Granary.

Granary Listed c.1600

Said by Pevsner to be 'one of the best vernacular buildings in the south of England'.

It stands on 25 wooden posts some 10 feet off the ground, and is in the middle of the farmyard.

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Home Farm Tower.

Home Farm Yard Tower

This a fine red brick tower with Lunette windows.
This forms part of the offices available to LET.

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Bothy Cottages.

Home Farm - Bothy Cottages

Built in fine red brick with glased headers in the brickwork giving a slightly chequered appearence.
info to follow

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